provides import, export and manufacture the following products within its scope.

Barrel weapons

  1. 1) All diameter and model firearm rifled set pistols, submachine guns and their main parts (silencer, body/frame, slide/cover assembly/upper body, barrel, ball/chamber/cylinder for guns with guns, mechanism main parts and assembly and trigger) assembly) and ballistic important parts (firing pin, mechanism bottom plate, nail, extractor, barrel).
  2. 2) All diameters and models of single or automatic shot rifles, sniper rifles, rifled shotguns and their main parts (silencer, body/frame, cover set/upper body, barrel, mechanism main parts and assembly, magazine assembly) (except for rifled set hunting rifles magazine) and trigger assembly) and ballistic important parts (firing pin, mechanism bottom plate, nail, extractor, barrel). Note: Shotguns and their parts, rifles used in marksmanship training and their parts, rifles used for sporting purposes and their parts, and rifles or pistols specially designed to shoot inert bullets with compressed air or CO2, subparagraph (a) of the first paragraph of article 1 of this list ( It is not within the scope of sub-paragraphs 1) and (2).
  3. 3) Grenade Launchers (Rocket Launchers, Flame Throwers, Grenade Launchers, Torpedo Tubes Gas, Smoke, Fog, Sound and Light Flare Launchers) and their main parts (barrel, trigger assembly, fuselage, sight/optical sight).
  4. 4) Grooved and non-grooved mortars of all diameters and models and their barrels and sights.
  5. 5) Light and heavy cannons of all diameters and models, howitzers and their main parts (barrel, breech, breech) and the barrel apparatus used in these weapons.
  6. 6) All kinds of weapon platforms and platform vehicles.
  7. 7) Unmanned ground vehicles for military purposes.
  8. 8) All kinds of bridge crossing vehicles for military purposes.

Military explosives and pyrotechnic material

  1. 1) All kinds of ammunition used in the above-mentioned barreled weapons and their main parts, as well as propellant (Artillery Ammunition Propelling Gunpowder, Light Weapon Ammunition Propulsion Gunpowder, Special Purpose Propulsion Gunpowder, excluding black powder) and explosives.
  2. 2) All kinds of fuze insertion devices belonging to war weapons and specially designed parts for them (Safety and firing devices, fuzes, sensors and initiating devices, flammable casings for explosives).
  3. 3) All kinds of military explosive materials used for destruction (such as explosives within the scope of Wassenaar Ammunition List ML8.a, bombs, grenades, smoke bombs, mines and demolition molds) and their main parts (capsule, medicine, baiting, booster, etc.) all kinds of explosives used as detentator and main charge).
  4. 4) All kinds of military pyrotechnic materials that are combustible, combustible and melting (light, sound, gas, pyrotechnic materials producing smoke, military-purpose flares, military-purpose fog signals/cartridges, fuses, detonation cords or detonation capsules; igniting materials, electrical detonating substances ).
  5. 5) Rocket and missile fuels and materials added to these fuels (Energetic Materials within the scope of Wassenaar Arrangement Ammunition List ML8) and propulsion cartridges.

Rocket launchers, rockets, missiles and torpedoes:

  1. 1) Rockets, missiles and torpedoes of all diameters and ranges, and the main parts of these systems (Rocket engine, warhead, guidance system, seeker, tail assembly/control system including wings with steerer, fuselage, fuse and igniters, sensors).
  2. 2) Systems used in launching rockets, missiles and torpedoes of all diameters and ranges and their main parts (Launching platform, barrel, launcher, fire control system, pneumatic pressure generating components of 3000 PSI and above).

Defense systems against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear warfare agents/weapons

  1. 1) All kinds of destructive materials, weapons, ammunition and systems used for the placement, transportation and launch of these weapons, which can be created using Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) warfare materials.
  2. 2) Protective clothing against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear materials used for military purposes, protective underwear, protective boot covers, protective gloves and systems, masks and filters, their filters, CBRN protective filters and protective linens used in CBRN systems, all kinds of CBRN detection, diagnosis and defense systems and devices and materials within the scope of Wassenaar Arrangement Munitions List ML7.

Military aircraft and systems

  1. 1) All kinds of military-purpose aircraft (fixed and/or rotary wing manned and/or unmanned aerial vehicles, drones, balloons), all kinds of warfare systems that can be used in these aircraft and specially designed parts (launch systems, launch and rescue) vehicles and ground support equipment, and equipment designed for command or control).
  2. 2) Horizontal and vertical stabilization, complete tail, aileron, flap, spar, complete wing, longeron, bulkhead, fuselage used in military aircraft.
  3. 3) Indicator-radio-radar systems of military aircraft (navigation instruments and devices, radar devices and all radio devices including those for remote control), targeting and target tracking devices used in these vehicles.
  4. 4) Engines of military aircraft (turbofan, turbojet, turboprop, turboshaft, piston) and the combustion chamber, turbine, turbine blade, turbine disc, turbine nozzle used in these engines.
  5. 5) Landing gear strut of military aircraft, propeller, propeller hub (spindle, hub), rotor (rotor hub, main transmission and rotor blades).
  6. 6) All kinds of weapon systems, equipment and ammunition attached to military aircraft, including Countermeasure Munitions and their launch systems (dispensers).
  7. 7) Launching device and assemblies of unmanned aerial vehicles.
  8. 8) Mechanical, electromechanical, electronic, optical and optronic devices specially designed for military use in aircraft included in sub-clause (1) of item (e) of the first article of this list.

Surface and underwater warships

  1. 1) Warships and platforms of all types and classes used above and below water (including military inflatable rafts).
  2. 2) Weapons, fire control and command control systems, acoustic decoys and acoustic jammers used in naval platforms in sub-clauses (1) and (4) of item (f) of the first article of this list
  3. 3) Mechanical, electromechanical, electronic, optical and optronic devices, acoustic sensors and armor material specially designed to be used for military purposes on naval platforms included in sub-clauses (1) and (4) of item (f) of the first article of this list.
  4. 4) All kinds of boats specially designed or adapted for military use to be fitted with weapons and/or gun mounts and/or military electronic systems.
  5. 5) Manned and/or unmanned surface and underwater marine vehicles for military purposes.

Military command control, communications and information systems

  1. 1) Electronic Warfare (EW), Electronic Attack (ET), Electronic Support (ED), Electronic Protection (EK), systems and equipment, and simulator and simulation systems for tactical and technical development that test and evaluate these systems and increase/decrease their effectiveness , anti-drones and electronic equipment specially designed for military use as listed in the Wassenaar Arrangement Munitions List item ML11.a.
  2. 2) Military-purpose and/or secure (encrypted) wired and wireless communication systems, devices and batteries with protection and management circuits containing software (excluding earphones, microphone sets, accessories and batteries belonging to these devices).
  3. 3) Crypto and sound security devices used for military or national security purposes.
  4. 4) All kinds of weapons and military communication systems originating from laser, acoustic and microwave sources.
  5. 5) NATO and ACE type shelters used for military purposes.
  6. 6) Military reconnaissance and surveillance, their recording devices, radar and equipment, and friend and enemy identification and identification systems.
  7. 7) All kinds of military and national security software.
  8. 8) All kinds of military training simulators and simulations.

Space systems for military purposes

  1. 1) Military-purpose space vehicles (including satellites), satellite systems, mobile/portable/fixed satellite earth terminals and all kinds of space and ground equipment belonging to these systems (Military-purpose spacecraft launching vehicles and suborbital vehicles, Space Observation Systems, Rocket-launch launchers and towers, transmitting devices with receiving devices, satellite radiolink receiving and transmitting antennas).
  2. 2) Equipment and weapon systems that can be used for reconnaissance, surveillance, jamming, communication, dispatch and guidance in military satellites.

Military reconnaissance, surveillance and detection sensors, geolocation and navigation systems

  1. 1) INS (Inertial Navigation Systems) that can be used for military purposes, secure (encrypted) Global Positioning Systems (GPS, GNSS, GLONAS, etc.) devices and other coordinate determination, location and direction detection devices.
  2. 2) Military-purpose Thermal IR (Infrared) and laser sighting, fire control and surveillance devices and devices (Military-purpose telescopic binoculars, telescope, periscope, binoculars, military-purpose thermal cameras).
  3. 3) Explosive material detection systems and mine detectors used for military purposes.
  4. 4) Military laser marking devices, laser pointers, laser detection warning systems and laser target detection systems.
  5. 5) Military purpose image intensifier tubes, detectors and reading circuits of detectors used in military night vision devices and night vision binoculars and devices.
  6. 6) Image processing and recording equipment, infrared or thermal imaging equipment, imaging radar sensor equipment and countermeasure systems for such equipment, specially designed for military use.
  7. 7) Fire control and related early warning and warning systems and systems associated with them (Target detection, identification, rangefinder, surveillance and tracking systems, detection, data collection, recognition or diagnosis tools and sensors integrated specifically for military use) supplies).

Other military equipment and devices

  1. 1) Invisible (invisible) fabric/mesh with night vision binoculars and thermal camera, electromagnetic frequency and radiation protection fabrics, anti-radiation fabric, conductive fabrics.
  2. 2) Invisibility technologies used for military purposes (Radar Absorbing Materials, Radar Absorbing Structures, Radar Section Area Estimation Software Codes, Infrared/Visible/Acoustic/Magnetic Trace Reducing Materials and Techniques and all kinds of Trace Estimation Software Codes).
  3. 3) Metallic or non-metallic structures specially designed to provide ballistic protection for military systems and personnel (structures providing ballistic protection level III and above under the NIJ or similar national standards).
  4. 4) Helmet covers and inner caps specially designed for helmets and helmets manufactured to provide ballistic protection in accordance with military standards or similar national standards.
  5. 5) Case production bench, bullet production bench, capsule shooting machine, cartridge filling / shooting machine and the like, specially designed for the production of all kinds of ammunition and ammunition main parts used in the above-mentioned barreled weapons.
  6. 6) Benches specially designed for grooving the barrels of rifled-armed guns.